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About our company

More than 10 years of experience
We permanently expand and modernize our fleet!

FADO rental
delivery vans

FADO is a professional car rental company which offers you a wide range of passenger cars and vans in short as well as long time rental system.

Our services are dedicated to those companies which want to get an extra car for or seasonal business and realization of theirs project in particular time period.

In our fleet you will find a wide range of vehicles in various sizes. All vehicles are equipped with air conditioning system and have got full insurance with Assistance package.

All our vehicles have got an air conditioning system and they are covered by insurance with assistance package. Thanks to our professional and flexible approach to each customer, we build the trust and a long-term relationship with our contractors.

Thanks to our professional and flexible approach to each customer, we build the trust and a long-term relationship with our contractors. Our headquarters is well-situated in the center of Szczecin at the Południowa 5 street. Nearby there is a petrol station, car wash and tire service. Fado services are constantly improved and our customers can be supported by a special driver absolutely for free.

Our company is located close to the border, so we do not charge any extra fees for foreign travel. The most important aspect to us is building relationships with our customers for long-term success.The vehicles we have are permanently serviced and their perfect technical condition enables you easly to take even very long routes.

FADO passenger
car rental

Fado is also a professional passenger cars rental agency.

We offer vehicles from a different segments – from small city cars to high-quality limousine or even the sport-utility vehicles (SUV).

We offer attractive discounts for our customers. Feel free to contact us!

Our company is well-situated in a center of Szczecin at the Południowa 5 street. Our cars are always in a perfect technical and visual condition with a full tank. The rental agreement is very simple, transparent and fair.

It’s worth working with us!

Rental conditions
and necessary documents

Rental agreement conditions

– For private: at least 21 years old, driving license from 1 year, 2 identification documents
– For business: certificate of entry in the business activity register, tax identification number

Fees and Expenses

– 500 zł deposit
– 2,5 zł for each kilometer if you leave your vehicle beyond the borders of Szczecin
– 25 zł for settling or returning a vehicle outside working hours
– 25 zł for return of dirty car
– 40 zł for an extra insurance which excludes (…) repairing process
– 50 zł if you return a vehicle without full tank + the cost of missing fuel
– 100 zł in case of committing a crime, getting a fine or another conflict with police or public administration
– 1000 zł – for missing a key or vehicle documents

Vehicle for rental

– Our vehicles always stay in a good technical condition, they are clean with full tank.

Return of a vehicle

– The vehicle must be return in the business office or in a previously agreed place
– If you need to return your vehicle earlier, please inform us about this fact at least 2 hours before
– At the time of returning, the vehicle must be clean, full tanked and staying in the same technical and visual condition
– In case a vehicle you returned is defected or its phisical condition does not represent a normal exploatation process, a tenant is obligated to compense the damages
– Prolongation of a rental process is only possible after prior agreement